UVL Robotics and PepsiCo are expanding cooperation in warehouse inventory using drones!

UVL Robotics has successfully conducted the automated inventory of PepsiCo warehouse in Reutov (Moscow Region) with a volume of 25 000 pallet places. Based on the results of the work, the Partners agreed on further cooperation and scaling the solution to other PepsiCo sites.
In the process, UVL Robotics has used 8 simultaneously operating drones, each of which is a multi-rotor UAV powered by rechargeable batteries, equipped with a code scanning system, a high-resolution camera, collision avoidance sensors, as well as a positioning system and protection of screws from damage to the goods.

PepsiCo warehouse in Reutov is the largest site of the company among those included in the inventory program of the current year. The result of the work performed satisfied both the client and the external audit, which monitored the recount process. The next stage is an inventory of the PepsiCo warehouse in Chekhov, scheduled for mid-December 2019.

The companies also plan to use drones for the inventory of products at PepsiCo dairy warehouses in Lianozovo. The dialogue between representatives of Lianozovo and UVL Robotics on possible options for cooperation is already underway.